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OMN! (Oh, My Nosh!)

LVS Announces your Decadent Dish Winners for 2013

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photos by donovan roberts witmer


Favorite Vegetarian


If you find it odd that a place that caters mainly to vegans and vegetarians calls itself Horns, don’t fret. In addition to a rotating seasonal menu of inventive, meatless dishes, there are a number of non-vegetarian options as well, and even carnivores are known to go crazy for the veggies here. What makes this veggie haven unique is that it doesn’t relegate vegetables to the side dish corner—it elevates them to rock star status in dishes like the Asian-inspired, tofu-studded Samurai Stir-Fry and the MacDaddy Eggplant, a clever take on classic eggplant parmigiana.

New owner Taylor Zervos is adamant about the restaurant’s commitment to its conscientious philosophy of using ingredients from local purveyors and farmers. Much of its produce, dairy products, bread and even honey is sourced within a 50-mile radius, making Horns a locavore’s dream.

123 W. 4th St., Bethlehem | 610.867.5818 | hornsfood.com



photos by donovan roberts witmer


Favorite Bakery

Easton Baking Co.

Mention this Easton bakery to local residents and you’re sure to hear more than a few nostalgic tales but ask them when this institution opened and temple-scratching ensues as everyone seems to remember it being around forever. The point is, the beloved bakery has been a mainstay on the Valley’s food scene for decades, satisfying the sweet (and savory) tooth of its patrons since its opening.

What everyone agrees on, though, is the friendly service and the bakery’s familial atmosphere where, like TV's "Cheers," everybody knows your name—a feeling customers find as warm as the loaves of fresh-from-the-oven bread that line the baking racks.

Among its selection of delicious, inexpensive baked goods, the cakes, doughnuts and cookies rank most popular, but it’s the tomato pie on which the bakery has built its reputation. The Italian-American treat is simply a doughy crust topped with a rich tomato sauce and can best be described as a cheese-less pizza. The line of people clamoring for this delicacy usually snakes its way out of the door, making an early arrival imperative.

34 N. 7th St., Easton | 610.252.6343

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