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The Great Creators

Enhancing Our Community’s Cultural Landscape One Creative Project at a Time

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The Sedulous Artist

Deborah LoPresti

Scrutinize her creations from any angle and your eyes encounter breathtaking design and meticulous construction. Couturier Deborah LoPresti transforms the finest materials into extraordinary bridal gowns and sublime eveningwear.

Her lofty standards and uncanny understanding of which shapes, colors and textures complement the female form have earned her a loyal, enthusiastic following. Patrons travel from Massachusetts, Oregon, Texas, California and Europe to work with this charming, sedulous artist.

Her dresses exude an effortless magic hanging motionless on mannequins in her elegant Easton salon. Moreover, she is a master at imbuing each creation with a kinetic beauty that unfolds as a bride moves about the room or dances with her groom. This complex harmony can only be achieved through many fittings and obsessive attention to the interaction of flesh and fabric in motion. LoPresti and her staff skillfully guide the client through this intricate process until the perfect dress is fully realized.

LoPresti takes the whole scope of an event into careful consideration. “If a wedding is in a country inn in Vermont it’s totally different than if it’s at The Plaza,” LoPresti says. “People sometimes don’t realize that the dress has to be styled around how many guests are coming. If you have 300 people at a wedding, the bride has to be seen across the room. If there are 50 people, you don’t put this grand dress on her. And everything must be the finest. I would hope you could put one of my dresses next to any French couturier and it would equal their work.”

She also posses an exceptional talent for redesigning bridal gowns and dresses. I marveled at one of her gorgeous bridal creations that bordered on the confectionery. I was surprised to discover that this garment was transformed from a cumbersome designer dress a future bride brought to her, hoping for a fashion miracle. Her skill at editing and reconstructing a garment allows LoPresti to extend her services to clients who cannot afford a couture gown.

Ultimately, couture must respond to the questions, “Is it incredible to look at?” and “Is the workmanship impeccable?” LoPresti’s creations are a consistent triumph in the face of these unflinching standards; yet this perfectionist presses on to realize a fuller vision. Each client must be exquisitely accessorized and feel as wonderful in the garment as she looks. LoPresti’s unerring taste and tireless attention to every detail make her the courtier you want by your side when everything must be executed at its highest level.

1828 Northampton St., Easton | 610.253.7333 | deborahlopresti.com | By appointment only

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