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The Great Creators

Enhancing Our Community’s Cultural Landscape One Creative Project at a Time

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The turn of a hand, the flip of a switch, the swish of a brush—motion, emotion and imagination often entwine with these most mundane of movements to create beauty that catches the eye, and perhaps a bit more, of the beholder.

The Clever Curator

Ken Jones

Ken Jones is a marvel of inexhaustible, multi-directional creativity—a welcome manifestation of a 21st-century Renaissance man.

Jones grew up in Longview, Texas. From an early age he excelled at music, visual arts, theater arts and academics. His parents possessed the wisdom to embrace his boundless sensibility. He was free to explore and his eclectic interests quickly grew and flourished.

He attended Brown University where, in typical Jones fashion, he fulfilled the requirements for a major in both art and architecture, and modern culture and media. Simultaneously, he also managed to work as a trends forecaster in New York City for Limited Design Services (a creative think tank run by Les Wexner to influence all his worldwide brands: Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret, Henri Bendel, Structure and Express).

After graduating in 2003, he landed a dream job as art buyer for Ralph Lauren Creative Services and Special Projects. His enviable task was to find and procure art for home collections, show rooms, national ad campaigns and flagship stores. At this juncture he also received the Smithsonian Presidential Scholarship for graduate studies at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. He juggled both these formidable undertakings for 18 months before committing all his energies to Lauren.

Although Jones was living the dream, he did not feel challenged. He had plenty of creative fuel for this consuming career but longed to break out on his own professionally and reestablish some rural roots. He shocked the corporation by quitting and starting his own art consulting business.

He and his partner Ron Morris (the business arm of their company, This Beautiful Life) came to Easton in 2006. They named their brand Mercantile Home and opened their doors to a welcoming community of artists and future friends from all over the area.

Mercantile Home’s proprietary blend of avant-garde, homey and unexpected elements make this spectacular store a singular adventure in retail. They have lovingly created an animated environment with a strong personality that inspires and surprises the senses. This space is truly a worthy expression of Jones' polychromatic energies.

Here you will find many of his wildly diverse creations: wrap skirts, candles, stationery, handbags, room fragrances, ceramic gallery pets, limited edition prints, jewelry and more. All this comes to fruition within the walls of their friendly shop. Jones comes up with ideas in the office. They migrate over to the adjacent studio space to be designed and refined. Next, they move closer to the door as a finished product. Someone comes in and buys it and completes the cycle. It is the perfect realization of his dream—all happening in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Jones manages to do all this and still works in a consulting capacity by assisting other businesses who seek to establish their own brand.

140 Northampton St., Easton | 610.258.4046 | mercantilehome.com | ken@thisbeautifullife.net

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