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A Makeover with Style: Heidi Markow

Beginning Over, Easton

 Getting glitzed up for a formal event is fun for some, but intimidating for others. For makeup artist Alisha Nycole, making the transformation from everyday makeup to something fitting the occasion is both passion and profession, and she shared it with Beginning Over’s Heidi Markow, whose dedication to this foundation for victims of domestic abuse has certainly earned her some pampering.

What does a good makeover mean to you?

The feeling that I still look like me, just better! Providing free services for victims of domestic violence through the Purple Salon, I can only imagine what they must feel. I know that looking good boosts self-esteem and empowers women to understand their self-worth. Women are made of excellence and they should feel empowered every day. Those of us that have the ability to make that happen should do it!

What is your usual relationship with makeup?

I’ve never worn a lot of makeup and, really, it’s just the last thing I think about. [I] usually just rush through that part.

What feels like the most dramatic change in this makeover?

I was under the impression that a makeup artist would leave me feeling like I had another layer of heavy makeup on my face. This makeover was much different. It honestly felt like I was wearing little makeup.

How do you like getting gussied up for formal events?

I am so basic. I usually curl my hair in a nice beach-wavy style and just put on a little makeup. I am more interested in feeling like I’m put together, feeling comfortable. For a bigger event, I’ll have my daughter do my hair and makeup. When my daughter got married, as the mother of the bride I was more concerned about everything going perfectly and not too concerned about myself. I’m sure most moms of the bride can relate!

Which techniques or products from the makeover might make it into your own repertoire for special occasions?

I loved the spray-on foundation that Alisha used. I also loved the eyebrow pencil. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many makeup artists in the past and Alisha did something different. I left feeling like me, no heavy, can’t-wait-to-get-home-and-wash-my-face feeling.


Alisha Nycole

Makeup Artist, Alisha Nycole & Co.


What do you love already about Heidi’s style?

Heidi has a very classic and put-together style naturally. She’s a vibrant and vivacious blonde who lights up the room. She is not only beautiful, but her résumé in her personal life is pretty awesome too!

What’s the first decision you made when choosing how to do Heidi’s makeup?

I knew I wanted to focus on her eyes! Her beautiful blue eyes really stood out to me. The first thing people notice when speaking to each other is their eyes. They are where we can see the most emotion. I think a great makeup application is centered around how appealing and soulful we can make the eyes.

Which product do you use that a makeup novice could have success with?

The Sephora Airbrush foundation is a spray on, waterproof airbrush foundation that takes no time to apply and you cannot mess it up! It also has a slight glow to it and mimics the look of natural skin really well. I love to pair it with Strobe Cream from MAC.

How do you really step up a person’s look for a special occasion without going too far?

You always want to maintain balance. No one individual feature should overpower a look or be lacquered on too heavily. As humans, we aesthetically love harmonious symmetry, so that should always be kept in mind. If you love your eyes, using complementary tones around the eyes is the best way to pop the color. If you love your smile, making it pop with a great shade of lipstick is fun, but if you don’t wear red lips, a special event is not the time to try something that bold.

What’s your favorite aspect of this makeover?

I loved watching her confidently go into the shoot feeling awesome, and [I loved] giving back to someone who gives so much. I feel like as women, we can be “givers” and there is sometimes guilt associated with spending time on ourselves.

I also loved being able to show some quick tricks on how to put yourself together and put your best features forward.

What’s one takeaway that Heidi can use in her daily routine to add a little glamour?

Wearing bronze tones and plums around the eyes for a quick pick-me-up! And don’t forget the eyebrow pencil. Blondes tend to have light features, so adding a little depth around the eyes is a great way to enhance those baby blues! 

What are some challenges to doing special event makeup?

For me it’s hard to think of any, because it’s one of my favorite things to do! For other women doing their own makeup, one challenge is remembering that at any age and any time in life, you can be sexy, playful and glamorous, and spending time—even five minutes—on yourself is a worthwhile investment.

Alisha Nycole & Co. | 1256 Simon Blvd., Unit J 105, Easton | 484.522.4691 | alishanycole.com

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