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Can’t Stand the Heat?

6 Quick Hair Heat Styling Tips

Photo by Colin Coleman Fotos

Want the hottest looks in hair? Ironically, you will need heat to be able to get most of them. But what exactly does all that blow-drying, straightening and curling do to your hair? It can leave your hair dry, dull and generally unhealthy. There are steps you can take to prevent and minimize damage, though, and they start from the point of purchase.

Choose the Correct Styling Tool

Choosing the right straightener or curling iron can be a challenge in itself. We researched many and have found two that we really liked based on form and function. The Jose’ Eber World’s Fastest Flat Iron is great for both thin and thick hair. This flat iron maintains its heat so that you don’t have to pass it through your hair as much, which results in less heat exposure.

For amazing curls without drying out your hair, choose a ceramic one such as the Ultra CHI 1" Curling Iron.

$140 | Jose’ Eber World’s Fastest Flat Iron | shop.joseeberhair.com
$89.95 | Ultra CHI 1" Curling Iron | ulta.com


NEVER Heat-Style Wet Hair!

No matter how much of a hurry you’re in the morning to get ready, using a straightener or curling iron on your damp hair can cause serious destruction to your hair. When you heat style your wet hair, you can cause steam damage. This will make your hair lose its shine and smoothness. Make sure that you’re using the proper styling tools and products. Taking the proper precautions now will prevent long term destruction to the hair. Also, try to not have the temperature turned all the way to highest level so that you’re not scorching your slightly damp hair.


Rough-Dry Your Hair

So what’s a better way to blow-dry your hair? The process of rough-drying is super simple and helps prevent heat damage by removing most of the moisture before you would be over-drying your hair. Put your blow dryer on its lowest heat setting, and using your hands, slowly work your way around your whole head. Once about 80 percent of your hair is dry, then you can break out your styling brush and turn up the heat to finish off your look.


Sectioning Your Hair

Taking the time to section your hair before straightening it is not only more effective, but also helps protect hair. Just grabbing your blow-dryed hair in thick chunks and running a scorching hot flat iron through it is the wrong approach. If you have thinner hair, part it down the middle so that you can straighten it in two larger sections. Remember, if you have thin hair, do NOT have your appliance dialed to its highest setting. For thicker hair, divide it into four smaller sections. Thicker hair can better handle a higher temp setting, but if you can achieve the results you want without the dial at “H,” it will certainly help keep that thick hair in better condition.


Top Products for Heat Styling

Finding just the right product for your hair type can be a long, expensive journey if you’re constantly trying new ones. Moroccanoil® Hydrating Styling Cream is among the best we tried as it conditions damaged hair and helps control frizz. It leaves hair soft after heat styling hair and keeps fly-aways in check. Reviews state that this product is worth every penny!

$36.80 | Moroccanoil® Hydrating Styling Cream | moroccanoil.com





Don’t Heat-Style Your Hair Every Day

Simply stated, if your hair doesn’t need to be washed every single day, then don’t wash it. Once its wet, it requires blow-drying. Avoiding just this part of the process can help you keep your hair healthier between cuts and salon treatments. Better to just re-straighten hair that is already dry, than dry and straighten or heat curl every day. Another great second-day hair strategy is to pull it up into a pretty up-do. Style inspirations are only as far away as your Pinterest account!


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