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Pure Scents From Around the World

Get to Know Kiehl’s Brand-New Aromatic Blends Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends

Since 1851, Kiehl’s has delivered the beauty skincare goods to those looking for the finest natural ingredients and enticing fragrance combinations. The recent launch of their new Aromatic Blends line got us particularly excited because it takes us on a fragrance trip around the world—from the rolling countryside of Provence, to the arid deserts of Morocco, dense jungles of Uganda and lush gardens of Japan—this is a collection worth wearing. Let’s take a look at the four fragrance formulas.

Orange Flower & Lychee

The Orange Flower and Lychee scent expertly combines the potent orange aroma produced by the Bitter Orange tree (derived from the stem, leaf and flower) with the juicy fresh scent of a just-opened lychee. This subtropical fruit, native to China, cannot be removed from its natural habitat so Kiehl’s extracts its aroma on-site. This scent is perfect for those who are seeking an invigorating, bright fragrance.

Vanilla & Cedarwood

This delicate balance of ying and yang is one part Uganda Vanilla (smooth, smoky and slightly sweet), and Virginia Cedarwood (raw and earthy). Together they blend to form a simple, irresistibly universal scent. Kiehl’s sourced their vanilla beans from sustainable farms that follow a fair-trade program, while the Cedarwood is cultivated from forests in the southern United States.

Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit

Kiehl’s fell in love with the delicate Nashi Blossom and Pink Grapefruit scents for their unique, distinct qualities. Revel in the Nashi Blossom that blooms in traditional Japanese gardens and the refreshing citrus burst of Pink Grapefruit from Brazil. This fresh fragrance has a youthful air about it.

Fig Leaf & Sage

Spray Fig Leaf & Sage, close your eyes and be transported to the French countryside. Smell the fig leaf with its delicate aroma that is uniquely distinct when grown in Provence. Pair that with the sweet, nutty scent of sage and you’ve got an earthy, natural fragrance we guarantee you’ve never smelled before.


Fragrance ($40 for 30 ml, $75 for 100 ml)
Body Lotion ($26)
Skin-Softening Body Cleanser ($24)

Kiehl’s | King of Prussia Mall | 160 N. Gulph Rd., #7703, King of Prussia | 610.768.5100 | kiehls.com

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